Pontoon Boats: A small flat bottom that floats and balances with two or more pontoons mounted lengthwise. Pontoon boats are used for both pleasure cruising, fishing and hunting . A larger pontoon boat is sometimes refereed to as a deck boat.

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Functional Description:

A pontoon boat is a raft like boat that relies on pontoons to float.  A pontoon is a flotation device with buoyancy sufficient to float itself as well as a heavy load.  Common pontoon boat designs are a catamaran with two pontoons, or a trimaran with three. Pontoons may be constructed from sealed cylinders such as pipes or barrels, or fabricated from aluminium or composite materials such as fibreglass.

Pontoon boats are used for pleasure boating, fishing and hunting and are usually equipped with an outboard motor.  Pontoon boats used as a pleasure craft will generally have a large deck area suitable for lounging or entertaining.  The outboard motor can be gasoline (petrol) or electric.  Drives can be propeller or jet propulsion drives.

English Terminology: pontoon boats, pontoons, boat, float, floatation, pleasure craft, fishing, hunting, deck boats, aluminium, aluminum, fibreglass, fiberglass

French Terminology: ponton, pontons, bateaux, le flotteur, la flottation, les embarcations de plaisance, pêche, chasse, bateaux à pont, en aluminium, en aluminium, en fibre de verre, fibre de verre

German Terminology: Ponton-Boote, Pontons, Boot, schwimmen, Flotation, Sportboote, Jagd, Fischerei, Deck Boote, Aluminium, Aluminium, Fiberglas, Fiberglas

Spanish Terminology: barcos del pontón, pontones, barcos, float, flotación, embarcaciones de recreo, pesca, caza, barcos de la cubierta, aluminio, aluminio, fibra de vidrio, fibra de