Cruising Yachts (<50'): Larger marine vessels for sea voyages. Cruising yachts will be equipped with berths, heads and a galley for accommodating passengers.

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Functional Description:

Cruising yachts are large marine power craft that have full accommodations for passengers.  These yachts will have berths, heads, and a galley.  Cruising yachts will have gasoline (petrol) or diesel inboard engines for propulsion.  They will also have on board generators to provide electricity while at sea.

Cruising yachts are generally 30 to 50 feet (9 to 15 metres) in length.  Cruising yachts will have many amenities on board.  These may include a yacht tender, jetski boats, etc.

Cruising yachts can be manufactured from aluminium (aluminum), steel or composite materials such as fibreglass, kevlar, dynel and carbon fiber

English Terminology: cruising yacht, yachts,  inboard engine, engines, wood, aluminium, aluminum, steel, fibreglass, fiberglass, fibre glass, fiber, gel coat, composite materials, kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber

French Terminology: yacht de croisière, des yachts, moteur in-bord, moteurs, bois, aluminium, aluminium, acier, fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre, gel coat, les matériaux composites, kevlar, dynel, fibre de carbone

German Terminology: Yacht, Yachten, Innenbordmotor, Motoren, Holz, Aluminium, Aluminium, Stahl, Fiberglas, Fiberglas, Fiberglas-, Faser-, Gel-Mantel, Verbundwerkstoffe, Kevlar, Dynel, Kohlefaser

Spanish Terminology: crucero en yate, yates, motores instalados a bordo, motores, madera, aluminio, aluminio, acero, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra, gel coat, materiales compuestos, kevlar, dynel, fibra de carbono