Kayaks: Ocean, fresh water and river kayaks. Kayaks are used for paddling excursions and racing.

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Functional Description:

A kayak is a small paddle boat that traditionally has a covered deck, and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler. The cockpit is covered by a waterproof covering attached to the edges of the cockpit, preventing the entry of water.  In a kayak the paddler faces forward, legs in front, using a double bladed paddle.

Kayaks are usually pointed at both bow and stern.  Kayaks can be manufactured from various building materials.  Fibreglass with a gel coat finish is the most common.  Other composite building materials for kayaks are kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber and epoxy.  Canoes can also be manufactured from aluminium (aluminum).

English Terminology: kayaks, kayak, paddle, paddling, fibreglass, fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fibre, fiber, aluminium, aluminum

French Terminology: kayaks, kayak, aviron, canotage, en fibre de verre, fibre de verre, kevlar, fibre de carbone, de fibres, de l'aluminium, l'aluminium

German Terminology: Kajaks, Kajak, Paddel, paddeln, Fiberglas, Fiberglas, Kevlar, Kohlefaser, Glasfaser, Aluminium, Aluminiumlegierungen

Spanish Terminology: kayak, kayak, remo, remo, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, kevlar, fibra de carbono, fibra, aluminio, aluminio