Bowrider Boats & Deck Boats: Motor boats for cruising and water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, tube towing and parasailing. Bowrider sport boats are also referred to as deck boats. See the functional description of Bowrider & Deck Boats at the bottom of the page below the links.

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Aluminum | Fibreglass & Composites


Functional Description:

Bowrider boats, also known as deck boats, have open bows for increased seating and sunning.  The bowrider boat (deck boat) typically has seating on each side of the open bow area.  There also is seating in the main cockpit area of the boat for the driver and passengers.  Bowrider boats can have inboard or outboard propulsion.  Bowriders are used for water skiing, wakeboarding, tube towing, parasailing and cruising.


Bowrider boats are manufactured from various building materials.  Fibreglass with a gel coat finish is the most common.  Other composite building materials for bowrider boats are kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber and epoxyBowrider boats can also be manufactured from aluminium (aluminum).


Sport boats and runabouts are other terms for motor boats used for day cruising or water sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding.
English Terminology: bowrider boats, deck boat, bowriders, deckboat, deckboats, bow rider riders, runabout, sport, sports, motor, boating, towing, water ski, skiing, wakeboarding, wake boarding, board, cruising, inboard, outboard, aluminium, aluminum, fibreglass, fiberglass, fibre glass, fiber, gel coat, composite materials, kevlar, dynel, carbon fiber, high performance

French Terminology:
bowrider bateaux, pont de bateau, bowriders, deckboat, deckboats, avant coureurs coureur, runabout, sport, sports, automobile, nautisme, de remorquage, ski nautique, le ski, le wakeboard, le wake board, onseil b, de croisière, à bord, à l'extérieur, l'aluminium, l'aluminium , en fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre de verre, fibre, gel coat, les matériaux composites, kevlar, dynel, fibre de carbone, haute performance

German Terminology: bowrider Boote, Deck Boot, bowriders, Deckboat, deckboats, Bow Rider Rider, Runabout, Sport, Sport, Motor, Boot fahren, Abschleppen, Wasserski, Skifahren, Wakeboarden, Wakeboarding, b oard, Cruising, Innenbordmotoren, Außenbordmotoren, Aluminium, Aluminiumlegierungen , GFK, Fiberglas, Fiberglas-, Faser-, Gel-Mantel, Verbundwerkstoffe, Kevlar, Dynel, Kohlefaser, hohe Leistung

Spanish Terminology: Fueraborda barcos, barco de la cubierta, bowriders, deckboat, deckboats, el arco piloto pilotos, runabout, deporte, deportes, motor, paseos en bote, remolque, esquí acuático, esquí, esquí acuático, wake board, UNTA b, crucero, interior, exterior, de aluminio, aluminio , fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra de vidrio, fibra, gel coat, materiales compuestos, kevlar, dynel, fibra de carbono, de alto rendimiento